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Commercial Construction Safety Manager – Dallas, TX

Blackwood partners llc

This company, a Commercial General Contractor specializing in multi-site projects, is headquartered in North Texas, boasting over 130 years of collective experience. Their teams collaborate with premier consultants and subcontractors to deliver the highest quality projects at the best value. They are the preferred choice for trusted brands seeking excellence in commercial, public, and private ground-up, renovation, and interior finish-out projects. This company is seeking to fill the position of Commercial Construction Safety Manager in Dallas, Texas.

Their reputation is anchored in the expertise of our entrepreneurial team, dedicated to safely delivering operationally excellent construction on time and within budget. They prioritize understanding our client’s business goals alongside their construction project needs, positioning ourselves as a trusted advisor to clients and the communities we serve. Recognized for their achievements, including the 2018 Minority Business of the Year for Construction Excellence, they are committed to excellence, evident in their rankings as a top 50 GC by the Dallas Business Journal and a top 100 Best Place to Work for 2023. Beyond accolades, they actively contribute to the future construction workforce as an engaged partner with Dallas ISD P-TECH.

Commercial Construction Safety Manager – Position Description: 

Construction Site Safety Managers play a crucial role in ensuring the overall safety and well-being of a construction site. Their main duty is to enforce compliance with safety regulations, meticulously reviewing guidelines to mitigate the risk of injuries. By implementing safety measures, they contribute to the protection and well-being of workers on the construction site, fostering a secure working environment. 

These professionals are instrumental in conducting regular inspections, identifying potential hazards, and implementing corrective actions to address safety concerns promptly. Construction Site Safety Managers contribute to the prevention of accidents and incidents, promoting a culture of safety within the workforce. Their role extends to facilitating safety training programs, ensuring that all personnel are well-informed about safety protocols and procedures. 

Safety Managers make substantial contributions to the overall health and productivity of the workforce. Their commitment to enforcing safety standards not only safeguards the well-being of individual workers but also enhances the company’s reputation for prioritizing a secure and responsible work environment. 


Essential Functions:    

  • Conducting thorough safety induction training to familiarize all personnel with site safety protocols upon entry.
  • Actively implementing and managing the health and safety program to maintain a secure work environment.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Ensuring strict adherence to all relevant safety regulations and guidelines to uphold legal and industry standards. 
  • Investigate Injuries: Conducting thorough investigations into any injuries or incidents to determine the root cause and implement corrective measures. 
  • Organizing Safety Meetings: Facilitating regular safety meetings to disseminate important information, discuss concerns, and address any safety-related issues. 
  • Promoting and encouraging the adoption of safe work practices among all personnel to prevent accidents and injuries.
  • Developing Safety Procedures: Creating detailed safety procedures to guide workers in the correct execution of tasks while maintaining safety standards. 
  • Enforce Safety Regulations: Taking proactive measures to ensure strict adherence to safety regulations, promptly addressing any non-compliance. 
  • Accident Investigation: Investigating accidents thoroughly to determine causation factors and implement preventive measures. 
  • Creating comprehensive safety policies to govern all construction site aspects and foster a safety culture.
  • Monitoring Adherence: Regularly monitoring and evaluating adherence to safety protocols to identify areas for improvement and reinforcement. 
  • Promoting a Safety Culture: Fostering a safety-conscious environment by promoting and instilling a culture of safety among all team members. 
  • Risk Assessment: Conducting thorough assessments to identify potential hazards and develop strategies for their mitigation. 
  • Risk Management: Implementing effective risk management practices to minimize the impact of potential risks on the construction site and team. 
  • Ensure continuous adherence to safety measures and identify opportunities for enhancement.
  • Demonstrating strong knowledge of project control, seamlessly integrating safety measures into project management practices.

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