Bodie Nowak

Managing Partner

Bodie began his recruiting career with Parkwood International, a Management Recruiters International franchise, on April 28th, 2008, managing a construction recruiting desk in a 3 areacode territory in Florida.

The challenges of the Great Recession put a lot of recruiters out of business.  Bodie dug his heels in and eventually pivoted out of Construction and developed a thriving Upstream Oil and Gas recruiting practice.

Daniel Rohrs joined him in 2013 and the 2 of them took the Oil and Gas division to new levels landing Bodie in the Top 10 recruiters in the entire MRI family of over 400 recruiters in 2014.

As the Oil and Gas industry waned in 2015, Bodie and his partner made the tough decision to leave all that behind in an effort to build a new Construction/Development Recruiting Practice, which they did in 2016.

In 2022 they both achieved spots in the Top 10 Recruiters of the entire MRI family of recruiters.

During that same year Bodie was also invited to join The Pinnacle Society.  The most exclusive collective of industry-leading recruiters around the globe.

As the son of a Commercial Architect and grandson of a Construction Superintendent, Bodie has been exposed to the Design and Construction industry from a young age.  He believes that the fabric and foundation of our communities, the heart and soul of our cities, is delivered through the development in and advancement of those cities and communities.

He has made it his purpose to be a voice in those industries.

Bodie and Daniel’s acquisition of their Construction/Development Recruiting Practice from their former company, and the launching of Blackwood Partners, was a crowning achievement of 15 years in the business.

As one of the leaders of Blackwood Partners, Bodie applies his West Texas, blue collar work ethic with his insatiable knowledge of the Development/Construction industries to advocate for professionals motivated to further their careers and to promote responsible organizations seeking quality individuals for key roles.

He is a facilitator of the discovery process, an effective manager of the review process and an ambassador of the closing process.