Daniel Rohrs

Managing Partner

Daniel’s foray into recruiting was never planned.

In 2013, Daniel joined a Dallas/Ft. Worth based recruitment firm. Daniel excelled in both recruiting and client development.

This was not accidental.

Through hard work, unshakable tenacity, and “out-working” the competition, Daniel earned a position as a recognized top performer in his 1st full year in the industry. For the next 10 years, Daniel continued this trend with compounding aplomb. In 2022, Daniel was recognized as a Top 10 Performer at the national level.

Having worked together for over a decade, Daniel and now business partner, Bodie Nowak, devised a simple plan and logical next step.

Daniel and Bodie successfully launched Blackwood Partners in October of 2023. They had the opportunity to take with them an impressive bevy of construction & development clients and continue the body of work they had cultivated for over a decade.

“Blackwood Partners is the culmination of every minute, hour, and sleepless night we have poured into the industry we love, its people with whom we admire and share our passion, the personal and business selves we are today -- and future selves we will become.” - Daniel Rohrs, Managing Partner